Life in Human Design

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What is Human Design?

Human Design is an intricate, amazing system for self-discovery and integrity. The core principle of Human Design is that your mind is an amazing tool - but it is not meant to make decisions for you in your life. Human Design shows you how you as a unique individual are made to make correct decisions and gives you the tools to find out the truth for yourself.

Human Design is not a religion and there is no dogma. There is only a mapping of the mechanical aspects that lie beneath and drive life as we know it, and the individual exploration possible through experimentation with your own correct decision making.

Are you new to Human Design? Get your chart here and read more about the basics of the system in our Human Design information section.

Here at Life in HD we offer readings, sessions and classes to help you get started on your own, personal journey of living correctly as yourself. Often we need information, support or sharing coming from outside ourselves in order to trigger a change in our direction. Is this what you need? If this information resonates with you, we invite you to contact us.

Foundation reading with Christian

A foundation reading is the natural place to start your Human Design experiment. You will learn the elemental aspects and challenges of your particular design and become familiar with the core concepts of Type, Strategy and Inner Authority.

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Manifestor sessions with Milla

Do you have a Manifestor in your life? Are you struggling with communication and wondering how to best deal with this person? I’m inviting you to reach out for a Manifestor session with me, where you can ask all your questions and I’ll give you an inside aura perspective. To be clear: I will not be speaking from anything other than my direct experience and am therefore unable, and unwilling, to answer on someone else’s behalf. Read more.

If you want to know more about Milla and her perspective and process, you can listen to her podcast Life on the Correct Frequency.

Who are we?

Milla and Christian, (6/2 Manifestor and 4/6 Projector) have been married since 2013. Christian had his first Human Design reading February 2007 and Milla started her experiment June 2012. They are raising their two kids, Leia (5/1 Manifesting Generator) and Elektra (6/2 Generator), according to their design.

Christian is a certified Human Design Analyst and Living Your Design Guide. Milla is a certified Living Your Design Guide.

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